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Intellectual property protection laws to help you prevent theft and infringement


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Matt J. Burns

Thank you for helping me in sorting out my IP registration issues. With so many people in this field partnering with the right guys was a huge problem. But, ever since we have found you it’s been a happy ride.

Tommy K. Maples

Partnering my technical paper which came with so many complications was no easy task. Thank you very much for sticking with me right through these tedious times and helping get patent for my pet project. Cheers. 

Joshua K. Dunbar

Fighting off competition was much easier after we got our designs registered. Now each time someone wants to use my product, I am in complete control of how the meeting goes. This has worked out for my benefit. Thanks team.

The importance of Intellectual property protection cannot be stressed enough in today’s time and age. One has to be extremely careful and should have adequate knowledge about his Intellectual property rights. Countries from around the world have made robust intellectual property protection laws. Intellectual property is anything that is a product of your creation. Since ideas cannot be protected, one can always wrongly claim that a particular idea was his. This is applicable to books, works of art, inventions, logo, designs, brochures, websites etc. So, these intellectual property protection measures which have a legal framework take care of problems such as intellectual property theft etc.

Why us?

We help you in this direction. Our guidance combined with a good understanding of the legal system enables us to provide you with ample information to take care of your IP issues. This task is technical. An average lawyer usually has basic information about patent infringement, trademark litigation etc. This field requires specialists who have an understanding of various ways in which intellectual property can be protected. For example- through patents, copyrights, trademarks etc.

But, the question remains how to determine which firm or team to hire for this purpose?

How do you know which firm is best suited?

To figure this out, a few points have to be kept in mind. A broad understanding of this field will enable you to take a better decision and make your choice easier.

·         Find a firm which has good reputation: Consult your friends and do a market research to find out about the reputation of the firm you wish to associate yourself with. Since, this is a niche field, finding competitive organisations which will handle such cases professionally are required.

·         Research the experience of the firm: An older firm with a team of experienced individuals is always preferred over a relatively new firm which has little experience in his field.

·         Meet the team: Insisting on meeting with the lawyers of the firm who will be helping in filing your patent or trademark or copyright application. Ensure that his experience and knowledge base is quiet vast.


Getting intellectual property rights involves a series of steps that need to be conducted diligently and with utmost efficiency that your attempt to protect your intellectual property yields good results.


Steps for intellectual property protection


Step 1: The intellectual property should be registered. It can be registered either as a patent or a trademark or a copyright or a registered design or a trade secret.

Step 2: Make sure nobody outside of your trusted people and the firm which is helping you with IP protection has any idea about your product. Secrecy is the key. And, make sure that secrecy is documented in the form of confidentiality agreement.

Step 3: Document your idea in great detail. This needs to be done so that when there is someone out there trying to infringe your patent, you must be able to prove that the idea belongs to you solely.

Step 4: Do not infringe someone else’s intellectual property. This will get you in legal troubles if this is done in bad faith. Infringement is considered criminal offence by most nations.



The intellectual property is a valuable asset and we appreciate its value. Our protection guidance and methods is aimed at fool-proofing the legal documents so as to avoid any clashes at any point of time in the future. And, even if there is a chance of such an unfortunate event, our work will stand you and your company in good stead.